Updated to ver 1,1 - now with MIDI Learn enabled!

Vintage Analog Ring Shift Modulator Vst is providing mix of pitch shifting with ring modulation.

You can create unusual vibrato effects, distortions or bell like sounds and also weird strange effects.

This plugin was inspired by Ring Thing

guitar pedal by Electroharmonix.

Simple Youtube Video

 Vintage Analog Ring Shift Modulator VST Demo download

To enjoy Midi Learn function of plugin please create midi track for your effect and use your midi controller.

You can also add more vintage analog noise if you put in chain before Vintage

Double Phaser another plug from Softrave - Analog Noise VST

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

You can purchase plugin for 11 Eu

or 15 dollars

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We well send you plugin as soon as possible, normally the same day, 2 days delay is possible sometimes.


Users of Win 7 sometimes have issues with plugins made with Synthedit please read here

This software is working on PC, to use it on MAC OSX you can try this program VFX host Software for Mac

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We provide customers personal signed copy of VST Your name will be written at plugin interface.

This plugin is licensed for one person only, you have no rights to share this plugin with other people.

We want to protect our intellectual property that we sell for affordable price. Thank you for understanding.

This plugin is created by SOFTRAVE © (p)2012

Programming, design - Dmitry Tikov

All rights reserved

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