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For those who care about sound - here it is!

Softrave presents PlatinumChain VST

This plugin adds luxury and expensiveness to mix. I t also demonstrates to people around that you

are rich, sucessfull and VIP.

 PlatinumChain Vst can be used almost in all styles of music, especially in Hip Hop,Pop and RnB styles.

This plugin empower status, power and glory of its owner and its not making ANY other changes to mix.

Its pure virtual PlatinumChain Vst for real Vip persons

Perfect unique personalised birthday gift for your beloved sound engineer or producer

price of plugin is

5000 USD

if its too expensive for VIP sound - check GoldenChain VST here - 1000 only

or if you looking for something more status fancy check  Diamond Sound Vst for 10 000

You can download  demo of PlatinumChain VST at legal torrent tracker to check out if it make enough powerful low frequency at your tracks.  Or download it at Mediafire


You can purchase PlatinumChain VST with Paypal or debet & credit card.

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

Use this button to purchase PlatinumChain VST for

5000 USD

You can use Skrill Moneybookers to buy plugin if you dont have paypal and you want to pay with bank transfer

Contact me at this email and i will tell you how

to make purchase with SKRILL

We well send you instrument as soon as possible, normally the same day, 2 days delay is possible sometimes.

We provide customers personal signed copy of PlatinumChain VST Your name will be written at plugin interface,
This plugin is licensed for one person only, you have no rights to share this plugin with other people.

One more video from Rocky Ross for those who dont understand whats the point of this plugin

We want to protect our intellectual property that we sell for affordable price.
Thank you for understanding.


This plugin was created by SOFTRAVE (c) (p) 2011
Programming - Dmitry Tikov,


More instruments and fx from Softrave http://www.tikov.com/softrave/softrave.htm

PlatinumChainVST  1.0





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