You can purchase 4 metal percussion Vsti in one pack.and save 40 %

Metal Percussion Instruments Pack 1.0 include  

Glockenspiel VSTi

Kalimba VSTi

Steeldrum VSTi

Hang VSTi 2.0

yoг can download demo versions of Metal Percussion Instruments Pack here at Mediafire

You can purchase pack for 26,99 EU | 35,99 USD

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

26,99 EU

35,99 USD

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We provide customers personal signed copy of VST Your name will be written at plugin interface.

This plugin is licensed for one person only, you have no rights to share this plugin with other people.

We want to protect our intellectual property that we sell for affordable price. Thank you for understanding.

This plugin is created by SOFTRAVE © (p)2012

Programming, design - Dmitry Tikov

All rights reserved

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