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8 bit chiptune revolution!

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GAMEGIRL  VSTI 1.0 pack is based on samples from LSDJ program for making chiptune music at Nintendo Gameboy with help of some special  cartridge programmed by Johan Kotlinski. More info about it here at WIKI

Sound engine of Gameboy is 8 bit so we provide you real 8 bit quality, not software emulation.

For this moment Gamegirl VSTi pack contains 5 synths -

3 drums, wave vsti and noise vsti. Gamegirl vsti pack2.0 is in development with Gamegirl Pulse1, Gamegirl Pulse 2 and Gamegirl Synth. Pack 2.0 will be free upgrade to all pack 1.0 users



Short strange demo of music made with Gamegirl 1.0 pack of VSTis

Just to show the colour of sound of Gamegirl VSTi

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

 This VSTi designed for use in 4 bit ,8 bit, chiptune, techno, electro, idm, minimal  and experimental music

GAMEGIRL Vsti was created by Dr Tikov 

Gameboy with LSDJ cartrige was provided for sampling

by Dimitry Ghost from Disconinjas label

Gamegirl picture created by Set Sacrecoer

This VSTi was created with permission of Johan Kotlinsky - LSDJ cartrige creator. You can purchase LSDJ music cartriges for Gameboy at his website


How to get GAMEGIRL VSTI pack 1.0 in your studio

You can donate minimum 10 Euros or maximum as you want Euros  to Dr Tikov paypal account to support our work, experiments and well-being.

After that we will send you archive files of GAMEGIRL VSTI pack 1.0  to your email adres included into message about paypal donation.

Attention to Maс users

You cant use Gamegirl  VSTi for Maс because its dll files but you can use it as GAMEGIRL sample pack in sf2 and Halion fxp format to put it in your sampler at your favorite Macintosh. Please send us message that you need samples for Mac.

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